Ray McGovern Explains How The DNC Hack Was Used To Cover-Up The Election Stolen From Bernie Sanders via #IraqWarCrime

August 04, 2017 Russian News http://MOXNews.com MOX NEWS NEEDS YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE!! NEW! My Patreon Page: …

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47 Responses

  1. Russian meme only worked because MSM spun it, still spinning it…

  2. Alex Memon says:

    Waw thanks for explaining clearly. It is clear that DNC blamed Trump so DNC hack from Russia so they can take peoples attention from Bernie to Trump

  3. AvangionQ says:

    The DNC emails were released due to a leak, not a hack … three things to note: first, we should be focused on the contents of the leak, not the leaker … second, pay close attention to 5:33 of this video ~ the metadata from the leaked files indicates they were copied to a flash drive or external hard drive, not uploaded via internet … and third, in no way does this invalidate the Trump team Russia collusion scandal, which has to do with propagandists, social media trolls, fake news and smear campaigns influencing the American public …

  4. Humor Writer says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, information from Russian TV

  5. In no way am I an I.T. expert, I can barely troubleshoot my personal laptop, but I believe that the corrupted intelligence community, bought/sold politicians and their associates keep forgetting that this IS the age of "internet information warfare" and the public is hungry for the truth so much so that they will research the smallest "sound bite", an edited video and op/eds do not stand a chance with today's scrutiny. Most of the Intel community still believe that the public is dumb down and will still believe anything offered by them. There are a few CNN diehards – bless their hearts. But as Lionel from Lionel Nation puts it, …"anyone with two synapses and a neuron…" we can now distinguish a lie from the truth.

  6. Tina Kanies says:

    Guccifer.. Wonder if it was the Awans?

  7. moismyname says:

    Hmmm… Russia Today (RT), Russian state sponsored media, says Russia didn't do it. There's a surprise.

  8. thank god there are some people who only care about the truth! therefore mueller must remove himself pronto.

  9. Chillary cooked it up all by herself, I watched her do it. No brainer. That is what she has always done, she is a top notch media manipulator, that is exactly how she covered up, with the help of 60 Minutes, the Vince Foster murder.

  10. Mox News is a Russian news agency, you morons.

  11. That backscreen with flying objects-hawks needs to go; unless you're trying to irritate your viewers or create distractions to take focus off your reporter. I'm not a Millennial, if this is considered good set design and dynamics for your target market.

  12. This well may be old hat to many of you, but this old expert explains it well on YouTube. An uninformed
    populace so easily scammed by deflection is not a true electorate. Amis deserve what they get.

  13. Nicolas says:

    The woman interviewer is bad .She start by opening her mouth ,then, she don,t know if she will dare ask the question or not . That is the opposite of what is a journalist . Journalists ask question . Journalists ask difficult questions. Journalists are not shy to ask . They dare. If she can't , she is too shy ,she is blackmailed, well, get her out of the way . She is of no use.

  14. J. Muller says:

    And Debbie worked for… Hillary

  15. yes you have hit the nail on the head BRAVO!!

  16. JAY LXXXVIII says:

    Now we know why the FBI doesn't care about the DNC servers even thought they are supposedly investigating the Russia "meddling" into our election.

  17. John Meyer says:

    One really must wonder why Trump hasn't done what you have expressed that he could do. I voted for Trump believing that he would expose Hillary and the DNC but instead he's actually gotten on the Russian band wagon with them. WTF is going on?

  18. mr halvi says:

    I smell jail time

  19. Mark Nairn says:

    DNC would not turn their servers over to the FBI

  20. James Fox says:

    The Data could had been Processed as the data was being Transfered Through the Link , DUFUS , At the rate of speed of transfer from 1 server to another , there is a Break in Sync to Establish Secure Link , Even on a Government server , The Problem is that Clintoon was Storing information on Her Personal servers !!! W@hy do you think it was Misteriously Distroyed ??? WAKE UP ALREADY !!!!

  21. DDDrew8 says:

    This is super important. Why doesn't the MSM react to it?

  22. I don't think many people believe the Russians did anything. It's only the Dems and a few idiots who listen to them

  23. Red/white says:

    Bernie is an honest man.
    Trump promised to drain the swamp, but he only hires people from Wall Street to his cabinet.

  24. John Foster says:

    I am SO SICK of assholes using the word "conflate" !!! Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersch has revealed in an audio recording that he has a copy of the FBI report on the contents of Seth Rich's computer and that it revealed that Rich WAS the person who gave wikileaks the stolen DNC emails !!! He used a "dropbox" account and gave wikileaks the password after negotiating a suitable price. Rich also told several others that harming him would do no good as it would never prevent these emails from coming out as more than one party had the secret password.
    This Hersch story is a MAJOR development and should appear in the news everywhere…..why ISN"T it ????

  25. Robert Shaw says:

    Russia actually did want a much different outcome then Trump they wanted Bernie Sanders who has connections with the former USSR he even had his honeymoon back in the U.S.S.R. So that would have been real collusion ….

  26. S. N. says:

    Leak not hack. Bigger story is content of emails

  27. Time ppl went to jail ie both clintons & both podestas for a start

  28. That entire interview and no one mentions SETH RICH?!
    That poor, naive, pissed off "Bernie kid " an I.T. staffer at the DNC who leaks those emails from that illegal server , Pedoesta says to "make an example" of the leaker ; and days later Seth Rich is killed in a botched "robbery" where nothing is stolen.
    How could you NOT mention his name?!

    Seems like kind of a significant piece of intelligence there; Ray.

    There is a great book titled THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE by Howard Bloom that goes to great length to explain how it is always some little unforeseen thing; that could not be planned for; that topples Empire ;
    Like a slave named Spartacus or a humble carpenter named Jesus threatening the Roman Empire .
    SETH RICH and this technology that we are using at this moment is precisely THAT .

    " I am Spartacus!" and I am Seth Rich!

  29. The leak revealed that the election was stolen though… what kind of sillyness is this vid?

  30. get the money out of politics and the rats will jump ship.

  31. Xandrosi says:

    What the hell is a well-known Russian template for parsing data?  That comment literally makes no sense!

  32. The FBI itself gave the proof that the emails were leaked: if they don't do a real investigation of the server that was presumably hacked, then they already knew that the emails were leaked not hacked and they used Crowstrike to spread the false information of a hack.That covered the FBI from spreading intentional false information. But it proves that they knew that it was a leak, or they would have investigated very thoroughly.

  33. Stan Watkins says:

    I bought everything this guy was saying until he said Iran had given up their nuclear weapons program .

  34. DootDoot says:

    To be honest.. I Don't think Hackers in general took to kind to this.. If anything the DNC and Hillary painted a giant target on their backs. No Way the community will take assassinations of their kind un answered for.

  35. Jimmy Rogers says:

    Wow this is just as bad as Fox, but for liberals. This is just utter shit without factual backing for what you're spewing. You're right that the DNC covered up stealing the election from Bernie, but every other portion of this was bullshit, just like the bullshit from Fox news.

  36. Regan Orr says:

    Demonrats = Criminals

  37. Mike E says:

    if clinton hacked bernie; why didn't she hack trrrump

  38. Thomas Paine says:

    Bernie Sanders was the only adult in the 2016 race.
    All the rest were spoiled children…. Just look at their ego games and lack of principles.
    Also, look at the attendance of Bernie's rallies. He far, far outdistanced Hillary and Trump in popularity.
    But Bernie was too worried about a Trump win, so he didn't run as a 3rd party. Which may have been a big mistake.

  39. Thomas Paine says:

    BTW, for all the comments below that say Russia is a communist nation, think again.
    It's simply a conviction-less dictatorship run by the oligarchs, the well-connected who seized power and all the assets of the USSR when it folded.
    Like ex-KGB Putin now, who has had so many of his critics rubbed out over the years, like the mafia used to.
    For example, a recent political exile was poisoned with radioactive Polonium, which was an extremely painful and long death. The KGB and Putin don't play around. (FSB now? Same thing entirely.).
    And GW Bush actually was fool enough to see in Putin's eyes something other than the deadness of a KGB assassin.

  40. Qingeaton says:

    Clinton and crime are the same words.

  41. Perhaps the U.S. should start meddling in the elections of other countries.

  42. Elke Summer says:

    No, the RUSSIA COLLUSION story does NOT work like a CHARM. Most Americans know it is simply a BS story concocted to take everyone's attention off of the DNC CRIMES; My GOODNESS, we are truly NOT THAT STUPID…. we all know the crookedness and collusion between COMEY, MUELLER, OBAMA, CLINTON, RICE, LYNCH, WASSERMAN, CLINTON, and on and on ….. WE NEED POLITICAL JUSTICE NOW!! and poor SETH RICH and SHAWN LUCAS and several FLORIDA LAWYERS have all been the SACRIFICIAL LAMBs of these DNC crimes.

    Btw, DNC LOVER BRENNAN?? He will say NOTHING!!

  43. Billy Bob says:

    With a name like MOX, you know Smuckers was already taken.

  44. ARCSTREAMS says:

    were the leaks not by seth richard? later found conveniently dead

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