Ben. vs. H. A. in debate of the century!!!

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  1. Jamie King says:

    Ben really is an idiot…

  2. If anybody cared to go back to the Genesis of progressivism no one would openly claim the ideology. It's the poison of both parties.

  3. This is the kind of person that keeps the great divide alive and well between the left and right.

  4. This was one of the biggest grandstanding of bullshit I've ever listened to. Glad I never heard of Ben Dixon before, and I hope I never have to hear about him again.

  5. These are all hypothetical by H.A. Goodman…not to say Ben is right, but I understand where Ben is coming from. If you don't want to work with people on there side because, they racist then that's your choice.

  6. Trump 2020 that is all lol progressive movement have been swallowed up by their own ideology and radical ideologues, haven't learned the lessons of 2016 too much identity politics being played.

  7. I agree with H.A. here. I also think Ben Dixon is an extremely important part of the progressive movement though.

    The way I see it, you need specialists in any organization. In a hospital you have heart surgeons, neurosurgeons, ect… The reason for that is simply because it takes a long time to perfect a particular skill, and once perfected, that skill takes up the majority of your time. There's a constant demand for it.

    The progressive movement is the hospital and both H.A. and Ben Dixon are 2 specialists we NEED. The best part about that is we can support each other when necessary. Don't throw that away.

  8. Ben Dixon referred Caitlin as an interloper in U.S. politics. Reminds me of the children of the corn

  9. Ben Dixon referred Caitlin as an interloper in U.S. politics. Reminds me of the children of the corn

  10. JZ Davis says:

    this guy is a perfect example of a leftest with cognitive dissonance

    almost every question HA asked not answered and every response was rooted in ideology

    dude was pretty much wrong about everything but the epitome of the stupidity was when he tried to call out HA by pulling up their dm's and ended up totally misquoting the exchange

    to say cernovich is worse than hillary shows a loss of contact with reality, and possibly some other physiological issues that probably need to be addressed

  11. Ben Dixon does not know what a Libertarian is.

  12. It's called divide and conquer bitches

  13. this is a genuine back and forth, and is necessary for progress. We've all got to fight this strange psychosis afflicting our modern times, and rightly so. Keep it up H.A.

  14. i see how retweeting Cernovich can be perceived as lending an effective mouthpiece for hate & bigotry. However, that shouldn't make you feel guilty about associating with him…this is the only way to cultivate an ideology of togetherness without so many strings attached

  15. This man is a zealot, pure and simple.

  16. I thought I hated people who constantly use logical fallacies, but I've learned there's another level: I REALLY hate people who constantly falsely accuse others of using logical fallacies that weren't part of their statement.
    Jesus, Ben, trying to sound smart makes you look even dumber than your tunnel vision does.

  17. Skptk1 says:

    I think you may have gotten through to him a little better if you elaborated on the strategic elements involved regarding progressives temporarily aligning themselves with a group that shares a like goal. Dixon denies the possibility of such an alliance because the left's best interest is never really a deciding factor in any of the questionable alliance members' decision-making processes. I think that it is imperative to note at this point that progressives have the ability to conduct our role in such an alliance as strategically as possible, and if strategized correctly we can determine our closest interpretation of the Nash Equilibrium necessary to minimize our exploitability when entering such an alliance.

  18. Ben demonstrates "why" he is a perfect tool for the "establishment" DNC.

  19. Wild mischaracterization of conservatism by Ben. Not necessarily aligning with alt right.

  20. I too a Conservative watched all the dirty tricks the RNC pulled to keep Ron Paul from getting his due recognition and also watched on the news the collusion with the media to keep his real popularity down….but, it's been even worse for Sen. Sanders, glad to see the Bernie supporter's lawsuit proceed.

  21. Ben lost it when he swings wide to convince himself that a National policy setting memo (which irl set a Nation-wide, racist, policy for all Dem legislators) was 'not that big a deal and not what some thought it was'. Then he reinforces his not giving a hair-width of flexibility with his interpretations of the statements of a super 'dangerous, dangerous, dangerous', 'racist' blogger. Ben, many people, viewers, are not locked into an ideological class. There is a spectrum.

  22. HA, please outline how race is outside of how policy/laws have been written into our current legislation of past and today? HA, your questions about Caitlin being attacked is BS and why is this problem if someone has a different view?

  23. HA, That is his right to challenge anything and the ideal of working with any group is a strawman starting point. What organization , media, political leaders, and anyone etc….. has not used their connections to push their viewpoints or agendas in society? HA your throwing out these examples of topics vs policy/laws. HA, have you look at those partnerships on both sides and the outcomes on the books today? Who was at the table then and the outcome of those who wrote the policy/law?

  24. HA, please provide those who has the power to make the policy, law, network, and make the bills in public government. HA, at the end of the day you are not in the voting booth with these people who follow you or anyone else. HA you are comparing rape to the DNC and then you throw up Black Lives Matter. HA, do you really believe every profile used on social media sites?

  25. HA, say the name or don't speak about this in your example. Who is this person or shut up?

  26. M. C. says:

    H.A., my man I realize I'm a bit late to the party but I noticed on these last two debates your opponents maid some pretty crazy statements about the "alt-right", Mike Cernovich, Sean Hannity, and the ideas that they collectively share. Specifically, such as: Mike Cernovich the "alt-right" and Sean Hannity are white nationalists/nazis, or that a border wall is an inherently racist policy. All of these statements made by your opponents are objectively false, yet I didn't hear you refute any of that. I realize the debate was about cyber bullying essentially , but why not call them out on such obvious falsehoods? I assume you didn't want to waste your time, am I right? Anyways, you got huge balls to do a full unedited debate on your channel, so Kudos for that.

  27. Ivory Khan says:

    Caitlin is MARRIED to an American. She is not an INTERLOPER.

  28. Good debate. Much needed. We have to keep talking to each other despite all the emotions that get triggered. If we continue to reject each other because of disagreements, that's when we all lose. Keep the conversation going as much as you can. Whatever comes out of it would be for the good.

  29. Great arguments HA. Ben's just defensive and often doesn't make sense.

  30. Actually, I started seeing where Ben is coming from. I still don't agree with him but I can understand his points. I think, it's possible to come to the common ground by agreeing that Ben's and Black-HA fractions will continue to do what feels right to them, but they will continue collaborate on the issues they agree on instead of anybody disowning anybody. I am Russian and we have a folk proverb that says "bad peace is better than a good war" which I strongly believe in.

  31. francis chow says:

    Cernovich never said that, I mean seriously, the far left continuously deliberately misinterprets masculine bluster to behave like pathetic wimps and it gets you no where. Its no different from the Trump "pussy" issue, where the facts are out there, but the left has become immune to them, feminism kek's channel has a video where she breaks that video down moment by moment to prove her case, showing just how fake the news narrative is, and how gullible many on the left continue to be. A story where Trump told a story of courtship failure, where he took a woman furniture shopping and still got turned down, ended on the lamentful boast of "grab her by the pussy", a turn of the phrase of grab life by the balls was misinterpreted by most people on the left for how long now, and it just goes to show how far a lie can spread, and how persistent it can be.

  32. BS Allergy says:

    Anyone arguing left/right, while the Deep State destroys democracy, is a useful idiot.

  33. Akh_Rahim says:

    I don't mean to be racist but Ben is a typical selfrighterous black guy. You can't reach common ground with him because he lives in a bubble.

  34. tamalero2011 says:

    HA, you are the best! Benjamin has somehow forgotten that people are people. If people are wrong in their opinions, that does not mean that they are useless and need to be dumped into the trash bin of history. Usually people can grow and change and realize their mistakes. Even racists or homophobes or whomever! The more people know, the more they learn and understand others! Plus, Ben says no interrupting, that's my policy. Until he interrupts. Then no rules apply.
    And Ben conveniently cannot hear you when he has no good answer. Hmmmm.
    Then Ben says he cannot use profanity since kids are in the house. But the profanities fly and fly!

  35. jkenz says:

    On a nerdier note. Good to see the production quality raising. There's something to be said for production quality and getting the message across.

  36. Wow, no wonder the leftist has all this Trump Derangement Syndrome. That man is paranoid about the alt-right. and Cernovich is not even alt-right. He hates Spencer.

    P.S. wow, now I'm a few more minutes into this. He really is paranoid. No wonder the left is so crazy.

  37. Angel Tibbs says:

    Wow Ben has fallen far since I quit watching him. But that was over endorsing Clinton. I can't get with that. But again, let me just say: wow.

  38. one of the greatest ways to convert someone is to find what u agree on and show that u r not shutting off all debate on the basis of ideology and have an open mind. someone would be much more inclined to listen to u and if u listen to them and getting ur ideas and expanding ur platform to a white nationalist that u agree with on foreign policy could not only stop wars but also convert his base into urs if ur ideas are better. closing off debate has no positive outcome and could end up hurting ur cause in the short term and long term

  39. vince wilson says:

    Ben Dixon is highly offensive, uninformed and a total Democrat slave.

    There is no talking to a person who can't communicate…Leave him in his own cult… He's unless to anyone…

  40. sortedtales says:

    I agree with Ben Dixon. And for the most part I like Cait Johnstone. The entire DNC lawsuit has been compromised due to the infowars interviews and the cooperation with white nationalist right-wing monsters – (like James O'Keefe, Lauren Southern, Pettibone and the rest)

  41. Julie Kohls says:

    Ben Dixon began shilling for Hillary right after the California Primary.

  42. Brian Stoltz says:

    H.A. Why waste your time on Ben Dixon? The guys a belligerent moron. I tried to listen to his show once – couldn't get 10 minutes through it. I don't want to call him a racist, but he sure is paranoid that everybody not black is against him. He's kind of an imbecile and beneath you and Caitlin Johnstone. He's confused and his thinking is fuzzy.

  43. Greg Gibson says:

    Ben Dixon Knows How BAD The Clinton's are for the Black Community and He Wants Hillary to be President, Ben Dixon is too much of a DNC Lackey to be real, He is a Paid Deep State DNC Troll, Just Like David Pacman, Sam Seder, Cenk Uygur, Thom Hartmann.

  44. You're such a good person, HA! You're so nice to everyone. I don't understand why everyone doesn't see how good you are. You're just HONEST! That's why so many people like you! We know you're being REAL! There are not enough commentators like you, it's sad!

  45. H.A your wasting your time with people of this mentality… This guy is ridiculous…. I see white people… Cernovich….
    I love the.. I reject the premise of your question

  46. Grant Jarvis says:

    Ben has an intellectual view of life.

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