Brilliant Ken O’Keefe Lecture Lays Out the Future Agenda [FULL VIDEO] via #IraqWarCrime

Former US Marine and truth activist Ken O’Keefe recounts his experiences of direct action marine conservation, being part of the Human Shield action in Iraq …

Crime Source

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4 Responses

  1. He has millions of admirers and he is a true free man and not a puppet or shill to the effeminate puppet masters

  2. Howard zinn is a piece of shit. What did that jew mfer say about genocidal judeo bolshevism? What did Zinn say about Federal Reserve? Zinn protects his clan. He was a filthy human being

  3. coleys 0 says:

    Got to disagree with you on this one, Ken is a scammer and still needs to explain where the tens of thousand of dollars have gone that he took from people from his freedom scheme. Shame people like this abuse the truth community.

  4. don't judge him by his character nobody is perfect in this planet earth just and only consider what he is speaking. and yes he speaks the truth and trying hard to awaking up from the disaster of future. which is quite obvious.

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